As an artist, I have developed my style through the years from a film photographer to a digital one and vice versa. I think of me as a low profile, sensitive and kind person.

I’m a full-time wedding destination fine art photographer currently based in Athens, but I was born and raised in Thessaloniki. My passion for Photography led me to The Athens University of Applied Sciences at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in the Photography Department, where I met my other big passion, my alter ego, my confidant the last 22 years and my wife from 2003. After almost five years of studies and spending one year at L’Ecole de L’Art de la Photographie “Le 75” in Brussels, we both took our diploma with specialty in Fine Art Photography, Digital Image Processing, Advertising and Archaeological Photography, as well as in Chemistry of Photographic materials.

Currently we live our initial dream of living and working together, while raising at the same time our two vivid and sweet boys. She, as a Photographer having also studies and background in Architecture, is an album, website and logo creator among many others.

I’m a family believer. So when I don’t travel or edit photos, the four of us share moments and create memories. If you want me to capture your first memories as a family, it would be an honour for me to be chosen as your photographer.


I don’t just want to document you. I am not about stagnant poses. Photography for me is all about capturing the in-betweens, a glance, a kiss, a hug that others might not even notice, a reflection of true feelings under the nature’s reflections of light. It is a mean of placing my eyes but most of all my heart on the same continuum, a way of living life and communicating with other humans and nature to the fullest. I’m always searching for ways to portray the connection between humans and nature. Through my photos I am trying to project my personality, my passion and my spirit, betting every time how much of those I receive as a recurring feedback.