Jocelyn & Matin Prewedding (Chios Island)

14th December 2018
Engagement photoshooting at Chios Island-22

Matin and Jocelyn met in Dallas.  She was a pharmacist there, and he was doing a hospital residency.  He is originally from Baku, Azerbaijan whereas she is from Gretna, Louisiana.  Ironically, on their first date Jocelyn found out that the first place that he lived in America was in Louisiana.  So of course she asked if he liked jazz and crawfish, which her state is famous for, but he only liked one of the two.  That was the wrong answer because she loves both, but then he quickly charmed me with his cute smile and dance moves.  Plus they both have a lot in common like listening to jazz, binge watching netflix, hiking, and traveling. 
JocelynI never thought that she would love someone so different from her.  He is quiet, reserved, and very calm whereas she is loud, gregarious, and often hyper.  He even asked if it was okay that he did not talk much on their first date which she thought was weird, but then he turned out to be the person she never knew she needed. – Someone who really listens and understands her.  Paris was their first amazing international trip together, and it was also the city that she was saving to see with someone really special to her.  She thought that he would propose in Paris for which he did not, but then he really surprised her with a proposal on another trip under a waterfall in Birmingham, Alabama.  They hiked for 4 hours looking for this waterfall, and she was all hot and sweaty by the time they found it.  She was so happy when they finally got there, so that she could cool off with a little dip in the water.  Before she jumped in, Matin stopped her and pulled out the ring.  She was screaming with joy while he put the ring on her finger, so she could not hear what he was saying.  They sat on the rock for a bit and just held each other.
Matin wanted to get married abroad because of his family who still lives in Azerbaijan, and they wanted to pick somewhere they can get to easily.  Jocelyn has vacationed in Greece prior to the wedding, and she knew that her family and friends would love it!  She means who could hate a paradise in her opinion. Chios is a very accessible island from Turkey where his family would be flying into, but she has never been to that island.  That made her very nervous.  The pictures were beautiful online though, and it seemed very different from the other islands because of the medieval villages and unique art on the buildings.  The beaches looked beautiful, and she was curious and wanted to see the Mavra Viola beach with volcanic pebbles.  She decided to take a chance and luckily found a great wedding planner at Marryme in Greece.  She is so happy that they decided to do it in Chios! Her wedding day was amazing and unforgettable as she told me.

J&M prewedding from Chris Gouberis on Vimeo.